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Automatic indoor and outdoor control systems

SMART grow solutions

Introducing  GROWDUINO

Automatic solution  for controlling and remote management of your growroom/greenhouse. Enhanced effectivity cares of all operations even when leaving for a vacation.

Growduino is a system for complete and remote monitoring and automatic management of indoor growing processes, such as  growrooms, greenhouses and aquaponic systems. Growduino is a czech invention, custom made for individual needs of every customer, moreover much affordable than common industry technologies. Are you familiar with terms Growbot, Growrobot or Smart garden? You don’t have to –  Growduino is a perfect solution for you!


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Greenhouse additional lighting

Failure monitoring, thermostat | E-mail notifications

Suitable for all types of light sources


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Periodic irrigation

E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Heater control

Heating pad switching | E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Dehumidifier switching

For basements or greenhouses | E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Day/Night mode

Temperature, humidity and CO2 control | E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Day/Night mode

Temperature and Humidity dependence | Gas save mode

E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Humidity control

E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Water level and Temperature control

Cooler switching | E-mail notifications



Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Water heater control

Prevents hypothermia or freezing | E-mail notifications


Automatic ON/OFF | Manual ON/OFF

Intelligent timer | Wind simulation

Timelapse lighting | Light rail or lift control

High performance

10 controlled outputs, 10 A/230 V – 2300W

Standard sockets connection, without the need for equipment modifications, for all types of light sources, substrate and cultivation methods

The microcomputer evaluates hundreds of combinations of measured values and user settings

Swiftness and Accuracy

Measurements 60 times per hour, 24/7 , 1440 records from each sensor every day

Accurate sensors and recording every minute, two-point calibration

Lucid graphs, complete and instant history browsing at your fingertips from each sensor every day

Easy and Intuitive

10 intelligent timers, 32 predefined settings, infinite number of combinations

“One sentence” setting You’ll love, backup to a file

Works on all web browser devices, from desktop or tablet to smartphone

Efficient monitoring

18 types of Alerts, 32 characters customized messages

Cell phone and e-mail notification when set values are exceeded or device fails

Specially modified mini camera for growrooms with powerful lighting


Quality and Safety

256bit encryption

4096bit key

5 hours in the event of a power failure

100% quality tested

Encrypted HTTP/SSL communication and data transfer all the way from Growduino to your browser, data stored in SQL database, open source and firmware upgrades

Integrated UPS for continuous measurement even during power failure

Developed and assembled in Czech republic, all functions on each piece tested before shipping


A good  deal is all about reaching success for both sides

The idea to develop a device that would allow growers to remotely control their growing area was established in November 2012. From the very beginning, we were intensively engaged in studying options, finding existing devices, pricing policies and equipment. We knew immediately, that by buying one of them we would not help ourselves. They were too expensive, could not work with the necessary sensors and they could only dream about the remote control.

At the end of 2012, a small team was created to develop the first test version. Step by step, until the beginning of 2015, we worked our way through various prototypes to an almost final version that could be built to order. In 2018, we developed a new, more sophisticated, faster, more reliable and much safer version Growduino V2, which fully replaces the original device in all variants.

The development never stops, on the contrary, we work on many other functionalities and improvements so you always look forward…


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